About Us

We are a volunteer group of competitive scholarship alumni, and our mission is to pay forward our knowledge from our competitive scholarship experiences. We aim to empower our peers through resources and support to pursue their academic and professional goals. Our ultimate aim is to better reflect the underrepresented identities among us.

Our Goals
  • Remove systemic barriers that hinder access to competitive scholarships.
  • Support applicants who are underrepresented within competitive scholarship programs throughout their application process.
  • Create more diverse student bodies within institutions of higher education.

To meet these goals, we work to:

  1. Increase the availability of scholarship application resources
  2. Match applicants to recent scholarship recipients for mentorship

We recognize that privilege of all kinds must be acknowledged and used to create a more equal and just world.

HOW WE DEFINE “Underrepresented”

We will never ask applicants to demonstrate in which ways they belong to an underrepresented group. For reference, we provide this non-exhaustive list of identities who have faced systemic barriers to competitive scholarships:

  • the LGBTQ+ community
  • 1st and 2nd generation Americans
  • 1st generation college students
  • applicants of color
  • applicants with disabilities
  • applicants of low socioeconomic status
  • multiracial applicants
  • undocumented applicants
  • community college students